Physiotherapy or Physical therapy is a form of treatment or rehabilitation performed by a physical therapist using physical means. Various health conditions can be treated or rehabilitated using physiotherapy. This includes assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention and treatment (or rehabilitation) of various health conditions in a variety of settings. Physical modalities used in this system are Exercise, Massage, Temperature, Light, Radio waves, Sound waves, Magnets, Water, Electricity etc. This system of treatment is essential for almost all musculoskeletal conditions, various neuron and cardiopulmonary conditions, some kinds of skin disorders and obstetric cases.

Our efficient, experienced physiotherapists provide the best physiotherapy using updated techniques in exercise, heat therapy and electro therapy.

We Treat

· Muscle and joint pains, osteoarthritic pain

· Neck and back pain

· Paralysis due to stroke/brain injury/etc

· Elderly patients joint pain

· Physically handicapped due to disease/surgery

· Children with cerebral palsy

· Mothers before and after birth to regain fitness

· Post fracture treatment