JM MEDICAL SERVICES COMPANY efficiently offer a variety of home services. We cater to senior citizens, intellectually challenged children, dialysis patients, physically challenged persons and anyone else who require assistance with going through the motions of daily life.

A large percent of the people requiring assistance prefer to stay in the familiar comfort of their own homes. At JM MEDICAL SERVICES COMPANY, we aim to help those who require our services achieve the highest possible quality of life. It is possible for us to arrange for medical and non medical visits from registered nurses and certified nurse aides.

A comprehensive list of the nursing services provided at home

• Routine personal care – We take care of procedures such as bathing, grooming, skin care and occupied/unoccupied bed making of the ailing individual.

• Transfer assistance-  We practice utmost care and caution while moving the patient from or into wheelchairs, mechanical lifts, walkers, chairs and beds.

• Medical assistance and reminders – We ensure that the person under care takes all his/her medication at the right time.

• Meal planning and preparation – The patient will be sure of a proper nutritive diet.

• Assist with arranging doctor’s appointments and handling of other correspondence

• Catheter care

• Injury care

• Nurse visits – A qualified nurse will visit the patient in order to review their medication and shot set ups and monitor vital signs and blood sugar as and when necessary.

• Alzheimer’s / Dementia / Memory care – People suffering from these disorders require a unique form of care which our talented caregivers will be more than pleased to carry out.